My name is Michael J. Poropat, but many know me by my online alias "Zorion". I'm a 24 year old law student who is also a competitive gaming junkie. I've been following eSports seriously since the Halo 2 era and have even competed in my fair share of tournaments, and have been a part of numerous teams throughout the years. This site serves multiple functions.

First and foremost it is a community. A community of gamers and fans of eSports. This will be a place where you can host tournaments and talk about the biggest tournament results and team acquisitions, while meeting new people in the industry as well.

Second, it will serve as a hub for all tournaments from the professional to the amateur levels. Our goal is to have tournaments linked to the site for you to register to either play in or spectate, and give you up-to-the-minute results from these global tournaments.

Finally, our site will be the home of a new gaming team, CGNet Gaming. Our team will be primarily League of Legends based, but we intend to expand to a multi-game team and are looking for members so please feel free to inquire!