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League of Legends

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  • Dreamhack is held once a year, over the summer and this year it will be from June 15-18.

Garena Premier League

  • You can watch all the action right here.

ESL Intel Extreme Masters (IEM)

  • IEM has numerous events throughout the year, most recent of which took place in Brazil. Check their site for up-to-date info on the upcoming events.

IGN Pro League (IPL)

  • Nearly nightly action from the IPL can be watched right here.


  • IvyLoL is a collegiate League of Legends Organization

LoL Championship Series (LCS)

  • Season 3 is currently running every week.
  • NA Games are played on Thursday and Friday nights (EST) and can be watched here
  • EU Games are played on Saturday and Sunday nights (EST) and can be watched here

LoL Tourneys

  • Free tournament website that hosts tournaments for amateur level League of Legends players. 
  • Up to 5 full tournaments with a live stream and shout-casters each week.
  • For more information contact email loltourneysinfo@gmail.com

LoL World Championship

  • Final "playoff" tournament from the LCS above.

Lone Star Clash

  • Hosted each year by TeSPA, but there is not one currently scheduled



  • China's equivalent to the LCS.

Major League Gaming (MLG)

  • MLG Hosts championship-style tournaments every season
  • This years Winter Championship has been scheduled for March 15-17, 2013
  • They also host a League of Legends weekly tournament at Mon-Wed, 8pm ET and a weekly Thursday night title fight, both of which can be watched here
  • A full schedule of MLGs events can be found on their website



  • The NACL is a format similar to the LCS for amateur teams / teams not in the professional LCS.

OGN The Champions

  • Korean-based tournaments

SoloMid Series

  • Tournament hosted by Team SoloMid themselves
  • You can watch every game right here

StarsWar League

  • Korean-based tournament play

Tencent Games Arena

  • Chinese-based tournaments

Have a tournament you think we should add to our list? Let us know using the form below. Make sure to include which game the tournament is for and all the details of the tournament, including a link of where it could be found or watched.

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