MLG Dallas Gathers 2.6 Million Viewers

MLG Dallas Gathers 2.6 Million Viewers

By: Michael 'Zorion' Poropat

MLG Dallas was held this passed weekend with huge success. The venue was packed and the online viewership was as high as ever, with MLG recording an impressive 2.6 million viewers over the entire weekend (compared to around 500,000 at MLG's spring event of 2011) watching more than 6.5 million hours of content in total at an average of 150 hours each (compare to the Superbowl, at 38 minutes each). It has also been reported that MLG's has an impressive ad completion rate is 95.35% (meaning that 95% of user watch the entire ad without skipping) and a click-through rate of over 2%. MLG. It certainly helped that MLG Dallas was the first major tournament for the newly released and highly anticipated StarCraft 2 expansion: Heart of the Swarm.

MLG 10th Annual Winter Season

These advertisement numbers are huge for eSports. In Korea, its common to see sponsors spend $1.5 million on sponsorships and advertisements in eSports on teams and for tournaments. With ad completion rates and click through rates like MLG's, they are making realistic strides in that direction. We're a long way away from the kind of number Korea is seeing, but were building up to Korea. And most importantly, we're becoming distinct from Korea, and we're not letting North America be shadowed.

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