Red Bull Battlegrounds NYC

Red Bull Battlegrounds NYC

Red Bull Brings its Premiere Tournament to NYC

This weekend brings us the premier tournament Red Bull Battlegrounds. The tournament field is a limited one, with only 8 competitors. The competitors are: Bomber, Scarlett, MC, Snute, Golden, sOs, Hyun, and PartinG. This will be an interesting tournament to watch, with the Global Finals having just finished in addition to the field being light on Terran and heavy on Zerg. The format will be straight forward with two groups of four, where the top two from each group advance to the semi-finals.

It will interesting to see the performance of some of these players in the wake of the Global Finals. MC lost in the first round to Maru. sOS won the whole Global Finals and may look to quickly put another victory in his belt. Scarlett and Snute, two foreigners who did not compete in the Global Finals, may be well rested and well prepared for the Battlegrounds. Scarlett in particular may have an advantage against the heavy Zerg field. Bomber played formidably at the Global Finals, and with his imminent military service on the horizon he has his eyes set on the finals. PartinG, one of the great Protoss players of recent memory, had a very low key and maybe even disappointing 2013 season. It remains to be seen whether PartinG can adjust to the new meta of HotS. Hyun and Golden also did not play at the Global Finals, but both could surprise the other competitors with deep runs in the bracket.

E-Sports in NYC?

This is also a rare occasion where there is an E-sports competition hosted in NYC. Very rarely do premier tournaments, or even any tournament at all, appear in NYC. It will be interesting to see what kind of viewership number this competition achieves as well as what kind of show Red Bull puts on. The Battlegrounds will be competing with IEM Cologne this weekend, which is sure to garner significant viewership. IEM, particularly the ones hosted in the EU region, are known for putting on electric shows with great competition. It wouldn't be surprising for many viewers to choose IEM Cologne over the Battlegrounds, but then again the viewership numbers will be significantly affect by the time zone differences. Since IEM is being hosted in Cologne the times of the competition may not conflict with the schedule of the Battlegrounds, but it is likely that viewers will have to pick one or the other in lieu of the time difference.

Regardless, the competition should be solid considering the players in the field and with $50,000 on the line.

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